Local Solar Offers A Brighter Future For Massachusetts

Efficient technologies such as solar panels and electric vehicles are making Massachusetts stronger and more resilient. Photo Credit: My Generation Energy
The benefits of clean, efficient technologies such as solar panels and electric vehicles are a growing economic engine for the Commonwealth. They also advance energy independence and make for more resilient communities. Photo Credit: My Generation Energy, Inc. and the Brewster Community Solar Garden Cooperative

One of the goals of the Sippican Community Solar Garden® effort is to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels in our region. Petroleum, coal, and natural gas are all imported to Southeastern Massachusetts and they all represent a significant economic drain to our local economy.

Every kilowatt hour of electricity the Sippican Community Solar Garden® project will generate represents another step in the departure from fossil fuels. Imagine a future where: our cars are powered by electricity; our homes and businesses are lighted, heated and cooled entirely by electricity; and all that electricity is sourced from solar energy. It’s not that far away. Some of us are almost there, and we’re living normally in modern society.

Currently, about 50% of the electricity we in Southeastern Massachusetts consume is generated from natural gas. This relatively recent build-out of natural gas fired facilities and the corresponding dependence on that infrastructure has directly caused the recent spike in electrical rates. Further investment in natural gas as a means to fuel our homes and businesses will only serve to continue this trend in increasing the cost of retail electricity.

Might the Sippican Community Solar Garden® principles and goals be seen as a threat to those who make a living or are otherwise tied to fossil fuel sources of energy? Perhaps. But change can sometimes be a disturbance to some, even when it is a benefit to all.


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