Your Neighbor Just Joined The Sippican Community Solar Garden® Cooperative

With each member set to save thousands of dollars on their electric bills over the next decade, the list of members in the Sippican Community Solar Garden® Cooperative continues to grow. This new Cooperative is available to any organization or individual in Southeastern Massachusetts with an NSTAR electric account. The program is replicated from the Brewster Community Solar Garden Cooperative, formed by a group of energy-conscious (and thrifty) Brewster residents and businesses in 2012 that is in its third year of operation. So who’s signing up? The location and type of member signing up for Sippican is broad and diverse. It includes retirees, young families, small business owners, and more. Members have already signed up from the following towns in Southeastern Massachusetts:

– Plymouth;
– Yarmouth;
– Duxbury;
– Brewster;
– Dennis;
– Falmouth;
– Marion;
– Provincetown;
– Dartmouth;
– Chatham; and
– Mashpee.

To see if you can join and to learn the benefits of the Sippican Community Solar Garden Cooperative, click on the following links:

Who Can Join? –

Member Benefits –

The number of spots available in the Cooperative and the enrollment period are limited, so contact us today. 508-538-4-Sun