About the Team

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About My Generation Energy, Inc.
My Generation Energy is a Southeastern Massachusetts based installer and developer of solar facilities. In the past five years, My Generation Energy has installed over 4 MW of solar power (17,000 panels) including hundreds of residential and small commercial systems in over 20 towns. A significant portion of this portfolio was developed under the Community Solar Garden and Unutility Electric® models for local-investor-owned projects. My Generation Energy has established a track record for on-time management with flawless inspections.


About Suntility Electric, LLC
Suntility’s experience on renewable energy projects spans nearly 200 systems across Massachusetts providing a range of management services for solar and wind facilities to maximize production and expand the community benefits of these clean energy sources. Suntility’s renewable energy management clients include community shared solar organizations, non-profits, local business owners, finance organizations, commercial real estate investors, industrial property owners, municipalities, homeowners and more.


About the Brewster Community Solar Garden® Project
The Brewster Community Solar Garden project is the exemplar prototype of Community Shared Solar in Massachusetts. Now in its third year, the track record speaks for itself. The facility has operated flawlessly—outpacing the energy generation estimates. Net metering credits have been delivered to the members of the Cooperative at levels exceeding those anticipated. It has been featured in studies by the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources, the American Planning Association, and the US Department of Energy.


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